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Have a look at the dirty brutes of Might & Magic Heroes 6


Ubisoft has released a few screens showing off the Stronghold faction in the upcoming Might & Magic Heroes 6 from Black Hole Entertainment. Traditionally in the long-running fantasy strategy series, the "Stronghold" town is a wild group of degenerate races that embraces the "Might" side of the equation rather than the Magic side, and in H6, the tale is no different. Goblins, Harpies and Maulers make up the Stronghold's forces, usually preferring melee or brute force to the more arcane arts.

As you can see from the screenshots, Stronghold troops are rough and tribal -- perfect for smashing some smarmy Mage's head in with a spiky club. There are a few pieces of concept art on the game's Facebook page to check out as well. M&MH6 is due out sometime next year.

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