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Mythos begins 'Hack and Crash' beta stress test Dec. 28

We would be hard-pressed to think of two things on this planet we love more than Mythos (the Flagship Studios-developed MMO which was acquired by Frogster and HanbitSoft last year) and pure, unrestrained candor. That's why we're psyched by the announcement for Mythos' upcoming "Hack and Crash" beta stress test event, which will fling open its doors to new waves of testers, in order to (according to a Frogster press release), "test the capacity of the servers, which may well crash as a result." So up-front! So honest! So forthright!

You can still sign up for the beta if you want to be part of the server apocalypse -- or, you know, if you want to see how the game has changed under its new ownership. So long as there's still hacking and/or slashing, we think we'll be okay with the other adjustments.

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Stress test for the Hack´n´Slay MMO Mythos within the month

Berlin, 17/12/2010: In preparation for the fast approaching closed beta, Mythos has now entered the 'Family & Friends' phase. This means that Frogster is putting its servers to the test: On December 28th, thousands of players will be allowed to enter the game world for the first time to test the capacity of the servers, which may well crash as a result. The mayhem will begin at 11:00 CET (10am UK), and the masses will be unleashed in waves to test the server capacity gradually.

Anyone who goes to the website and creates an account by December 26th will be entered for a chance to participate. The same goes for fans who already have a closed beta key. Those who have already registered for the closed beta on the official website will automatically be included in the selection process and do not need to register again. Before the test, all candidates will be informed by email whether they can participate and, if applicable, in which wave they will be granted access to the game.

For more information on the stress test, see the official website:

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