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Mythos starts closed beta just in time for the new year

It's almost time to grab those Gadgeteers, prep the Pyromancers, and brace the Bloodletters as the carnage in Mythos' closed beta will soon begin! The word from Frogster is that the game is entering an early stress test and that gamers who sign up for the beta between now and December 26th will get a chance to land in the first round of testing. That said, that first intrepid group will face many bugs, hardships, and yes, probably even the server crashing. As such, if you're more interested in getting a taste of the game before launch, we'd suggest you hold off until open beta.

However, for those who really want to get their Mythos beta bug-reporting test on and think that getting the server to scream like a little girl is fun, then this stage of beta (affectionately titled "hack-n-crash" by Frogster) is for you! Those who get in will start up on December 28th at 10:00 a.m. GMT until things fall over and crash enough times for useful data collection or Frogster shuts the servers down: whichever comes first!

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