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Left 4 Dead Hunter & Tank plushes shipping December 27


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The Left 4 Dead 2-themed Hunter and Tank plushes will just make their planned "late December" arrival on the Valve Store. The new additions to this line of frighteningly inappropriate stuffed "animals" will begin shipping to pre-purchasers on Monday, December 27, ensuring that Christmas will not be ruined for any young recipients of these special ... Infected.

Sold separately and currently available for pre-order at a 10-percent discount, the Hunter Plush ($26.95) and Tank Plush ($31.45) both feature ten likely terrifying sound samples that should never, ever be played in a child's bedroom when the lights are off. Thankfully, the pair looks decidedly cuddlier than its sibling, the Boomer Plush.

But, you know? That isn't saying much.

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