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PSA: don't try to wow your friends with the key scratch test on the Nexus S -- because it's not Gorilla Glass

Chris Ziegler

Before you stand (perhaps slightly inebriated) in front of a group of wide-eyed disbelievers and poke your brand new Nexus S' display with a fork, rock, key, icepick, or anything else that's hard and pointy, just remember this: it's not Gorilla Glass. That's the official word from Samsung Service's Twitter feed, a stark contrast to the hardened, tough-as-nails surface of the original Galaxy S' Super AMOLED display. No reason is given for the change, but there's an obvious theory: Corning might not have the technology to produce Gorilla Glass that's curved in the way that Samsung wanted -- or they can't produce it in the quantities asked of them -- and so Sammy decided to go with a slightly less rugged screen rather than ditching the so-called Contour Display. We imagine it won't be an issue for most -- it's the glossy plastic back we're actually more worried about -- but just bear that in mind before you toss it in a pocket full of coins.

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