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Apple TV doubles Roku sales

Michael Gray

Roku is a brand of digital video players, a member of the growing category of consumer electronics known as internet television. These devices access video and media content on the internet and stream that content directly to your living room. Internet television content includes services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. The Apple TV is the 800-lb gorilla of that market.

The introduction of the Apple TV has been an immense boon for the entire market, according to Anthony Wood, the CEO of Roku. This is because Apple's digital video player, the Apple TV, has raised consumer awareness of the video product. People who were never aware of such a thing called "internet television" are now looking into the market and buying this new type of product.

Some new customers buy the Apple TV, of course, but some new buyers go to Roku. Since the Apple TV was released, Roku sales have doubled. As a result, Apple's entry in the market has been great for everyone involved. Check out a video introduction to Roku on the next page.

[Via 9to5 Mac]

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