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Apple's iAd Producer released: In-app ad development kit


Apple has made another tool available for developers who are considering using iAd as a way of making revenue from their iOS apps. iAd Producer is a free ad creation toolkit that became available today on the Apple Developer website, and it is designed to streamline the creation of compelling animated interactive ads for iOS apps.

The Mac OS X-based tools, which are available to any members of the iOS Developer Program, include a visual designer, page templates, a library of pre-built components that can be used to add common user interface elements without writing code, pre-built animation and effects and an asset manager that holds images, movies and SVG fonts in one library.

For advanced developers, iAd Producer adds JavaScript editing, debugging and optimization tools. If your company is an iAd customer, you can even test your code over the carrier network using Apple's test servers.

iAds are starting to appear in a number of apps, primarily in the iPhone / iPod touch world. The first iPad iAd, for Tron Legacy, just appeared -- more iPad-specific ads are expected to arrive in 2011, and the new ad development kit can only speed up the rate of adoption of iAd.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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