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HTC Knight hits Best Buy's system with PG0610 model name


We've already seen what's purported to be the HTC Knight show up in Sprint's database under the guise of the HTC A7373, and we now have yet another model name thrown into the mix courtesy of this supposedly legitimate shot of Best Buy's data transfer system. As you can see, what's clearly labeled as the HTC Knight is now sporting the PG0610 designation (previously seen at the FCC), and it's chilling alongside the HTC EVO 4G, which certainly makes sense -- although it's less clear what the ancient HTC Apache is doing there. For those that haven't been keeping track, this is the same phone that's also been known as the EVO Shift 4G and the Speedy, one of which may or may not be the device's actual name when it's finally, officially launched -- hopefully at CES next month.

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