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Verizon teases Android LTE hardware for January 6th at CES

Chris Ziegler

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Notice how we said "hardware," not "phones?" In light of that wild Motorola teaser we just saw and the fact that we know Verizon and Moto are working pretty closely on Android tablets, it's entirely possible that phones won't be the only items on Verizon's docket when it starts pulling the covers off its first consumer-oriented LTE gear at CES in a couple weeks. The fact that there'll be new LTE hardware intros from Verizon at CES is nothing new -- they've been saying as much for a while now -- but the specific mention of Android is a comforting confirmation that we'll probably see the HTC Mecha, that unnamed LG, and perhaps a tablet or two on hand as opposed to MetroPCS' unusual strategy of taking the dumbphone route. 'Bout time the EVO 4G and Epic 4G had to watch their backs, isn't it?

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