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Apple updates iPhoto '11 and the iPhone Config utility


Apple has posted a few new patches in Software Update. There's an update that sends iPhoto '11 to version 9.1.1, allowing photos to be emailed with an external email client, and a size to be specified when sending (similar to the options already available on iOS). Additionally, the update fixes a few minor issues with Events and photo sorting, and adds a few new themes for emailing. iPhoto '11 users can download the 65.6 MB update right now.

The iPhone Configuration Utility has been updated as well, though since the program is really only used for things like updating provisioning profiles and checking out device logs, only the developers will probably need to worry about that one. Most users can just deal with their iPhone configuration through iTunes itself. Nevertheless, there's two updates from Cupertino to install if needed.

[via MacUpdate]

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