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Final Fantasy XIV brings in the item search with the last update of the year

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV has boasted a robust crafting system since launch, but the system designed to help players sell their goods has been somewhat less robust. After several passes of revisions and improvements, the game has received a feature that was both much-requested and promised -- a search function for the market wards. That's the bulk of the game's newest patch, along with a slew of bug fixes, but the search itself merits extra explanation as offered in the patch notes.

Rather than simply having players type in an item, the search function requires players to select a ward, then one of the item categories properly sold within that ward. The full list of items for sale will be displayed, with players able to select a given item and have the retainers therein marked as vendors for the sought item. There are a few more wrinkles as explained in the patch notes, but on a whole it should make searching for something specific far simpler for Final Fantasy XIV players -- and that's nothing but a good thing.

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