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Just Dance series sales have combined for an estimated 5 million units in US & UK


Following up on the estimated 2 million combined unit sales of Just Dance 1 and 2 in the UK, as calculated by MCV, we contacted market research firm NPD to see how the series has performed at US retail. According to NPD data, the Wii-exclusive Just Dance and its sequel have already combined to sell approximately 3 million units in the US.

These sales revelations may be a surprise to anyone who doesn't religiously follow our weekly UK charts post, but the Just Dance franchise has been a stalwart sales leader all year in the UK, and also, it would seem, in the less frequently tracked US market (we have seen it pop up on the charts over the months). It may not capture headlines, but Ubisoft's dance series has consistently performed at a high level on a platform that's not exactly accommodating toward third parties.

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