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Team Fortress 2 gets Medieval for (Australian) Christmas


We know what you're thinking: "I always get medieval when I play TF2, son!" You're right, of course, but this post is referring to the new Medieval mode, in which the Red and Blu teams must storm a castle armed with primitive, brutal weapons. Team Fortress 2 will also be receiving some Christmas goodies or, more specifically, Australian Christmas related goodies.

The history of Australian Christmas is too long and violent to explain here, but suffice it to say that "festive crates" have been introduced into the game alongside "special keys" needed to unlock them. Several hats have been added to the in-game store as well, which is sort of festive, we guess. Finally, a new donation system has been put in place for community map makers, allowing them to receive donations for their creations. Now that's definitely in the Christmas spirit.

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