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AT&T finally selling 3G iPads at online store

David Quilty

They may be somewhat late to their own party, but AT&T is now selling Wi-Fi + 3G iPads in its own online store. Priced the same as in the Apple store, the AT&T store sells the 16 GB model for $629, the 32 GB for $729, and the 64 GB for $829, and ships them all for free. Data plans for all three models are also still the same, at 250 MB for $15 and 2 GB for $25.

While the iPad is available from at least seven retail vendors and maybe even from T.J. Maxx & Marshalls, AT&T is the latest to start selling the iPad direct to customers online along with Best Buy and, of course, the Apple Store itself.

And don't forget that if you ran out of time to have an iPad shipped for Christmas or your local store has run out of them, you can always head to an Apple retail store and pick up an iPad gift card for that special someone on your holiday list!

[via 9to5Mac]

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