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Battle gets elemental in Dynasty Warriors Online

Historical hack-and-slash isn't just for the movies any more! Now, along with hacking through wide swaths of enemies in Dynasty Warriors Online, players can add some insult to injury by using special elemental abilities. Why would you want to do that? Well, so you can do mean and nasty things like setting people on fire, as we see above. Just imagine -- roast DOTted mob. Mmm, festive!

Mind you, you're not restricted to only using fire; you can opt to kill your enemies using other elemental attacks instead! Ice grants the ability to freeze enemies into blocks of ice as a means of crowd control. Lightning allows players to zap enemies, stunning them so you can chain together huge damage combos. Wind offers crowd control in the form of knockbacks, allowing you to focus damage on one targeted group at a time rather than getting swamped. Finally, there's void power, which offers the ability to negate opponents' armor and drive home pure butt-kicking damage. For those curious about what the elemental attacks look like, we've gathered a handful of screenshots in our Dynasty Warriors Online gallery for you, or you can pop over to the Aeria Games site and sign up for some hack-and-slash elemental free-to-play fun of your own!

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