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New DC Universe video shows off Area 51 alert

Jef Reahard

It's hard to tell which pending AAA MMO release has folks more worked up around these parts. In one corner, you've got Trion's forthcoming RIFT fantasy opus, and in the other corner you've got perennial contender SOE and its heavyweight intellectual property courtesy of DC Universe Online.

Score one for the crusty veteran, then, as DCUO's Facebook page has just updated with a new video that throws a stiff jab at the competition. The clip features game director Chris Cao talking about the title's alert system, a quick-grouping mechanic that allows players to jump in to action-packed scenarios for vital defense missions at locations around the globe.

The video showcases the infamous Area 51 research facility and features a group of players breaching the compound in order to fend off Brainiac's nefarious takeover plans. Area 51 is the first alert mission you'll tackle as either a hero or villain character, so be sure to give the video a look-see (on the official Facebook page or right here after the cut) to get a heads up.

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