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The Daily Grind: What's your longest journey to the level cap?

Jef Reahard

So I recently hit the level cap (again) in Age of Conan, and it got me to thinking about how rare an occasion that really is. While I've played a huge number of MMORPGs over the years, I can count the number of times I've managed to reach the mythical endgame on one hand. I came close on a couple of occasions (notably in Aion and Lord of the Rings Online) only to have an expansion come out and bump the cap beyond the reach of an unrepentant game-hopper.

Recently I've returned to Atreia for a bit of dabbling, and given the stately pace of NCsoft's updates, it looks like I might possibly max out at 55 in the near future. If and when that momentous occasion occurs, my Sorcerer will be well over a year in the making. Conversely, I'm about to ding 50 on my first Global Agenda character even though I only started playing the game in October. These two titles sit at opposite ends of the MMO progression spectrum. One has been watered down from its grindy roots but still boasts a disheartening 50-to-55 summit, while the other is expressly designed for lighting-fast progression (made even faster by boosts from Hi-Rez's store).

Today's Daily Grind is all about leveling speed. What's yours? What is the longest time frame you've ever spent maxing out a character?

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