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The Sims Medieval 'special edition' coming, specialness debatable


When we heard that EA would be releasing a "special limited edition" of The Sims Medieval next spring, our minds were filled with images of a replica treasure chest, loaded with fittingly medieval goodies -- perhaps a sword-shaped letter opener? (Okay, so our imaginations are a little unimaginative today.) Instead, we learned that the release would include three exclusive throne rooms, "princess," "barbarian" and "dark magic," in addition to two outfits, some royal clothes and executioner garb.

While we're already rocking a dark magic theme in our own throne room, the thought of some pre-made costumes for the next Renaissance Faire season seemed pretty cool. Upon closer inspection of the announcement, however, we discovered that these are outfits for the game's "simulation" people. That kind of ruined it for us, but we suppose if you're a diehard Sims buff, resisting this package would be feudal.

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