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TUAW TV Live at 5: The Christmanniversary Show


Today's TUAW TV Live marks two special events -- the upcoming Christmas holiday and the first anniversary of the show.

Yes, believe it or not, TUAW TV Live has been on the air almost every Wednesday afternoon since December 23, 2009, with commentary, demos, live reviews and the occasional guest. Today's show will feature more of the same, with some live and recorded demonstrations of new software and accessories for your favorite Apple products. And of course we'll have a lot of the regulars visiting and hanging out in the chat room.

To join in on the fun and usually educational show, come on back to TUAW just before 5 PM ET (2 PM PT, 10 PM GMT) and you'll find a post containing the live streaming video, the chat room, and instructions on how to join in if you're on an iPhone or iPad.

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