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WarioWare D.I.Y. games cover 2010 news


British mag NGamer put together a clever 2010 "year in review" of mainstream news using WarioWare DIY. Some of the referenced incidents may be obvious internationally, while others are quite UK specific, so we made a list of the minigames and what they represent.

  1. Actor Mel Gibson's colorful exchange with his ex [NSFW].
  2. "Car Splatter" -- Britain's Prince Charles and Camilla's car attacked by student protesters over tuition fee hike.
  3. "Unmask" -- Top Gear driver revealed.
  4. "Flush it" -- Politician reneges on UK tuition hike promise.
  5. "Engage" -- Prince William of England proposes to girlfriend.
  6. "Cap the Leak" -- BP oil spill.
  7. "Rescue" -- Chilean miners
  8. "Goal Get" -- Controversial goal.
  9. "Here Kitty" -- Cat bin lady.
  10. FIFA decision to go with Russia over England for World Cup 2018.
Check out the full DIY video after the break.

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