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iGrill wireless thermometer combines meat, heat, iPhone


No two ways about it: the day before Christmas Eve is a sleepy, office mostly empty, finish your online shopping, take a long lunch kind of day. It would take a very special press release to break through the pre-holiday, here-comes-CES fog that's hovering over the TUAW home offices this week. I'm here to tell you, though, that one very special press release just arrived in our inboxes, and we're drooling with anticipation about this product. Literally drooling with anticipation.

Yes, it's the iPhone peripheral that every red-blooded American male absolutely needs for next 4th of July: the iGrill. It's a meat thermometer... with Bluetooth... and an app. You set it up by your grill. You put the probe in the roast, ribs, steak or salmon. You walk away. You enjoy a frosty beverage and tasty appetizers with your guests and family, knowing your iPhone or iPad will tell you when the food is ready.

The base unit operates as a stand-alone thermometer, but if you're within the 200 foot (optimistic!) wireless range, you can track the progress of your culinary effort remotely. The app will alert you when your food hits the target heat, or give you a readout of the estimated cooking time remaining. It also includes cooking tips, recipes and more content for the backyard chef.

Got more than one kind of food on the grill? Fear not; the base unit has dual probe support, so you can track both target temperatures at once. The catch? Each probe is US$20, and when you add that to the $99 price of the main unit (which includes a single probe) you've spent a lot of dough on what is, essentially, a digital meat thermometer that serves the same function as a $10 manual unit. You can get a really simple or quite sophisticated remote-enabled sensor for well under $40.

Even still. So very Jetsons. The same neural pathways that trigger hunger at the smell of grilling meat are telling us... we want. If you're going to CES, look for iDevices and the iGrill in the Dr. Bott booth.

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Full press release is below.

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iDevices CES Booth:
Booth #4435 (Dr. Bott Booth - distributor)
North Hall, Lower Level Meeting Rooms

Turns Your iPhone, iPod touch & iPad into Your Own Personal Sous-Chef
First in Line of Products Created by iDevices Geared Towards the Apple Lifestyle

December 23, 2010, Canton, CT - iDevices announced today iGrill, the world's first wireless cooking thermometer for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad via a long-range Bluetooth® (over 200 feet) and App-enabled connection. To be introduced at the Consumer Electronics show (CES), Booth #4435, held in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2011, iGrill turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into your own personal sous-chef, enabling you to multitask between your grill or oven and guests with the peace of mind that your food is perfectly cooked, at target temperature and safe for consumption.

The first Bluetooth and App enabled device on the market today, iGrill consists of:
· iGrill Thermometer with Projection Display and Probe – features easy-to-clean touch interface and multiple probe options.
· iGrill App for iPod, iPhone, & iPad - tells you status of food via Bluetooth.
Spend Time Socializing Instead of Cooking – Never Burn Your Turkey Again!

iGrill is doing much more than simply redefining how we cook and grill, it's changing the way we socialize. iGrill is taking the labor-intensity out of meal preparation and offering back the most valuable commodity of all: Time! Its secure, long-range Bluetooth connection lets you enjoy time with family and friends without compromising the quality of your cuisine!
iGrill Chosen by Apple for Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Developers' Program –

Finalist for's 6th Annual Best of CES 2011 Awards

Finalist for the's 6th Annual Best of CES 2011 Awards - Innovator of the Year (winner to be announced at CES), iGrill's Bluetooth-enabled grilling thermometer has garnered the attention of Apple, who choose the product to participate in Apple's Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Developers' Program. Apple saw the potential of a device that is so perfectly paired with their product line and features a seamlessly integrated, feature-rich App. Because of Apple's open architecture, iDevices was able to develop a free App designed to not only enhance the iGrill experience, but also the cooking experience itself.

iGrill Thermometer Features:

•Bluetooth®-enabled with 200 foot+ range.

•Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

• Features touch interface and projection display.

•Stand-alone thermometer.

•Multi-probe capacity.

•Integrated probe storage.

•Alarm settings.

•Multiple positions for extra flexibility and easy storage: standing, laying and hanging.

•Capable of tracking temperatures up to 400°F (204°C).

iGrill App Features:

•iGrill connectability.

•Food temperature option.

•Multiple-probe support.

•Shows remaining cooking-time.

•Multiple view options.

•Recipe browsing/sharing.

•Kitchen timer.

"We are extremely excited by the launch of iDevices' first product, iGrill, which is already up for a 'Best of CES' Innovator of the Year award," said Christopher Allen, CEO, iDevices Inc. "iGrill is the first of an entire suite of home and lifestyle oriented products that iDevices will be developing in 2011 to enhance Apple products' user experience."

Available through Apple Stores & iGrill Site

Priced at $99.99, iGrill is available immediately through and Apple Stores across North America. It comes with one iGrill probe and display equipped with long-range Bluetooth®, useful Apps, and 4 AA batteries. iGrill is the first in a line of products created by iDevices geared towards the Apple lifestyle

For more information, visit phone: 1-888-WE-iGRILL(1-888-934-4745).

iGrill - Now You're Cooking

About iDevices

In 2009, American inventor/entrepreneur Christopher Allen Sr. created iDevices Incorporated, a company committed to partnering with inventors in the development of winning ideas for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, as well as other areas of the Bluetooth®/WiFi market. The goal was to bring high quality, beautiful and cost-effective products to market in the shortest possible time. Leading by example, Mr. Allen assembled an elite team of industry professionals to develop an idea of his own – a concept that would go on to become iDevices Inc.'s flagship product, iGrill, the first of a line of products created by iDevices around the Apple Lifestyle. For more information, see or, phone: 1-888-WE-iGRILL(1-888-934-4745), Twitter:, Facebook:

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