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Two things iOS 4.2.1 is missing

David Winograd

I love my iPhone and iPad, but two slight revisions to iOS would make my holiday wishes come true. These may not be earth-shattering to you, but they would make my life much simpler.


It's lovely that iOS pushes mail to my devices, but Apple just didn't go far enough with it. When mail is pushed, or fetched for that matter, the only things pushed are what belong in your inbox. I have around 20 IMAP mailboxes that mail gets filtered into using Rules in Mac Mail, and nothing gets pushed to them. I verified this with Apple.

Since I spend a good deal of time with no Wi-Fi, and in many cases no cellular connection either, what I would love is to have an option where all mail gets pushed to me, regardless of what IMAP mailbox it's in. That way I can take my iDevice on a train or a plane and catch up on all my email while offline.

I understand that this would be a drain on the battery, but if you were able to do it using a toggle, and not a persistent setting, I don't think it would matter. You would use it when you want and not be bothered with the power drain when you're not. I have a feeling this would help out a lot of people.

See the other wish I've got right after the break.


I have two Bluetooth headsets of the exact same make and model number. I also have three old Griffin BlueTrip Bluetooth receivers. The problem is that both my headsets are displayed with the same name on two different Devices lines in Settings. The same goes with the receivers. Three lines show up, all with exactly the same text.

The problem is that I have no way of knowing which is which when trying to select one. I may get lucky and hit it the first time, but it may take three times to access the correct one. This seems like an easily correctable oversight. What I would like is the ability to edit the names of Bluetooth devices. That's it. It really doesn't seem like a big deal, but having the capability to edit names would make my life so much easier, and allow for multiple devices of the same build to be used with the same phone.

What do you think? Would these changes help you out as well?

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