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Discussing Guild Wars 2 iconic characters with author J. Robert King


The Guild Wars lore constitutes stories -- nay, legends -- of remarkable heroism. The depth of this lore has entranced many a player of the game. ArenaNet created a world that enveloped the player in a setting that seemed greater than he. Guild Wars 2 will be no exception. Instantly, the player is surrounded by vivid characters and storylines that reach far beyond what he will ever see in-game. These amazing stories will be explored in a series of books. ArenaNet's Jeff Grubb recently sat down with the author of Edge of Destiny, J. Robert King, to discuss the characters and climate of the second novel based on events surrounding Guild Wars 2.

Earlier this year, we met the characters of Destiny's Edge, a motley crew from all walks of Tyria, in the Races trailer. King speaks in depth about each of the different characters and how he personally related to each of them. The author explains in the interview: "[ArenaNet] provided me all kinds of information and images of these characters, but I couldn't write about them until they were mine. And the team gave me the creative freedom to make the characters my own."

Definitely take some time to read the full interview on ArenaNet's site, and don't miss Massively's analysis of Edge of Destiny coming up in Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles.

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