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Mighty Eagle soars in for the holidays as in-app Angry Birds purchase


The Mighty Eagle has finally landed for Angry Birds fans with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Available as a US$0.99 in-app purchase, the highly anticipated new bird character will let you skip a difficult level and unlock the next one, earning points and achievements along the way.

There is a catch to this great power now bestowed on you: use of this Mighty Eagle is limited to once per hour. The Mighty Eagle brings some good news for hard-core Angry Birds fans tired of repeating levels. Once you have unlocked a level using your arsenal of regular birds, you can deploy the Mighty Eagle on that level as much as you want. As a bonus, Rovio also threw in 15 new, scorching 'Ham Em High' levels set within a desert environment and a new Golden Egg.

These new levels, the Golden Egg, and the Mighty Eagle are available in the latest version of Angry Birds now available in the App Store. Only the eagle requires the in-app purchase.

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