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RIFT unveils four new souls

Eliot Lefebvre

If you want to get anywhere in RIFT, you've got to have soul. Specifically, you have to have one of the game's soul trees, the unique mix-and-match system the game uses to help players customize strengths and weaknesses as they please. The team at Trion Worlds has recently revealed four new souls, one for each of the game's four classes -- the Riftblade for Warriors, the Marksman for Rogues, the Necromancer for Mages, and the Warden for the Clerics.

RIftblades are magically-empowered warriors, deft at ranged strikes and penetrating armor but weak under concentrated assaults. Marksmen, obviously, are best suited to hit-and-run ranged strikes, with little capability in a close-quarter battle. Necromancers utilize the undead pets you would expect, although they're quite vulnerable without them. And Wardens serve as healers with a specialty in slow accumulation, stacking healing energies over time but vulnerable to a lack of time. Future RIFT players should take a look at the full descriptions as well as the fiction behind each of the fallen champions.

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