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Beer cannon fires beer out at your iPhone's demand


We've seen an iOS device used to control a soda machine before, but here's a setup with a more, ahem, practical application for New Year's Eve: a beer cannon controlled by an iPhone. You can see a video of it in action after the break, and the creator even has it set up to post videos of fired beer cans straight to Twitter. The whole thing is controlled using what looks like a web app on the iPhone (or it might just be a normal app fitted with some web views), and it allows you to select what kind of beer you'd like, as well as look through the cannon's web cam, and then shoot your beer across the room to you.

The app can also control and monitor the temperature inside the mini-fridge, so this is quite a setup. Unfortunately, we don't have much information on how it was all made (though we're told that's coming soon), but it's all connected up using an IO-204, and the cannon itself is air-based. Pretty wild. I wouldn't advocate using this on New Year's Eve with a room full of people, though -- someone's going to end up with a concussion.

Thanks, Hans!

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