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Complete your Leon Kennedy cosplay with his bomber jacket


After five long years of careful manicuring, your hair is finally, perfectly coifed -- just like Resident Evil 4's Leon S. Kennedy. You've got that devil-may-care attitude down, ammo clips holstered around each thigh, and you're all about saving the president's daughter. The only thing left? Fingerless gloves. Oh, and also Leon's not-so-cheap, replica bomber jacket, now available to pre-order directly from Capcom's Japan-only online store -- though you'll have to go through a proxy service if you live outside Japan. (Game Swag has listed some of them.)

The e-Capcom store has dated the first shipments of the jacket for "early January," so you may want to start saving up the ¥26,040 (about $315, plus the proxy fee), um, like, probably a few months ago. Or maybe just scour your neighborhood for treasure chests? That's what Leon would do.

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