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DIY third person camera rig allows you to pay attention to what's most important: you

Laura June

Now, this is a strange project to undertake, for sure -- but that doesn't make it uninteresting. And interesting it certainly is. Over at Instructables, you can currently find step-by-step instructions for how to create your very own camera setup, which will allow you to view yourself tooling around in the third person. Weird, right? The whole setup consists of a camera rigged at your back from a distance far enough to film you from behind, a pair of video goggles to wear as you gallivant about, and optionally, a radio transmitter, allowing a remote viewer to join in on the fun and watch along with you. How does it work? A bit disconcertingly if you ask us, but it's something we'd certainly consider giving a try, if only once. Hit up the source for full instructions as well as impressions of the experience. There's a video after the break.

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