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Alleged Legend of Zelda prototype released

Lost Levels, a website dedicated to pulling unreleased video games out of the void of obscurity, recently obtained a pretty epic find: An alleged prototype build of the original, Famicom version of The Legend of Zelda. What's different about this early build? Well, apparently, while the retail version of Zelda was responsible for crushing the spirits of many a lesser gamer, this prototype build was designed to be played by sweet, little babies.

The difficulty of the early version of the game appears to be fairly reduced, as the prototype features a much more liberal rate of rupee distribution and an easier palette of enemies compared to the retail release, as evidenced by the screenshot comparison above (prototype on the left). If you've got the right emulator, you can download and play the prototype right now -- or, if you're not in the dungeon-diving mood, you can check more details about the Zelda prototype on The Cutting Room Floor wiki.

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