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Confirmed: A million Apple TVs sold


All Things Digital has confirmed that rumor last week that Apple expected to sell a million of the new Apple TV units. One million of those little black boxes have wandered out the doors of Apple Stores everywhere, and have presumably been plugged into televisions to stream content from iTunes, Netflix, and any other videos wandering around out there. Looks like the lower price point of under US$100 combined with that new functionality and the AirPlay tricks have turned this "hobby" into an actual business.

The question now will be exactly what that means. When the iPhone took off, Apple transformed itself somewhat into a mobile device company, and many people (including Apple leadership, probably) believe that's where the future, especially the financial one, still lies. Not to say that a million Apple TVs compares to iOS device sales yet, but Apple has a growing hit on its hands here, and it'll be interesting to see how and if the company steps out to support it, or if the TV just remains a relatively cheap and easy way to bring iTunes content to the living room.

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