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New Super Mario Bros is first six million seller on DS

Justin McElroy

Our friends in Japan often have ... peculiar tastes when it comes to their gaming passions. Specifically, they are taught from a young age to despise any game in which they don't capture monsters. Fact: The nation's most popular T-shirt actually reads, "I'd rather capture a monster than my next breath of oxygen." It's true!

It's an even more impressive accomplishment, then, that the country's first game to sell six million copies on DS doesn't feature any monster capturing to speak of. No, it's New Super Mario Bros., which hit 6,015,255 units as of December 26 according to the latest Enterbrain data.

Congrats, Mario. Now, if science ever figures out a way to put monster catching into one of your games ... well, let's just pray it never comes to that.

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