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Breakfast Topic: Does your guild bank need a cataclysm?

Marie Buhtz

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

What does your guild bank look like? Is it a dumping ground for anything, or is it well organized? Do your officers clean out the bank periodically, or do you have a single person who lovingly (or compulsively) takes care of your bank?

When guild banks were first introduced, we accepted anything -- "You never know when someone might need it!" was our motto. But there are thousands upon thousands of "useful" items, and as hard as our mules tried, it quickly spiraled out of control. I love organizing things, and this grated on my nerves until I finally asked my guild leader if I could "adopt" the bank. You wouldn't believe how fast he made me master banker!

Now our bank is organized and maintained. Guildies can find what they need, and we know what to resupply. Our guild coffers have grown as I've vendored or auctioned all the items people donate that we can't (or won't) keep. Sure, it takes time, but it makes me happy and directly benefits the guild.

But what I really love are these times of transition, as an old expansion ends and a new one begins. It's a time to reevaluate what we stock and try to forecast how our needs will change. I have spent the last six months culling the bank and trying to figure out how to fit a greater number of items into a finite amount of space. I eagerly await the seventh tab and dream of some day unlocking the eighth. Imagine the possibilities!

Now that we've seen the new mats and guild achievements, including the new bank tabs, how are you managing your guild bank for the new expansion? How do you manage it now, and is that changing with Cataclysm?


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