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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: We look back at 2010, make predictions for 2011


For the last TUAW TV Live of the year, I've decided I want to bring in the big guns -- my fellow TUAW bloggers. You get to hear us just about every Sunday night, but you don't often see us in action. I'm going to tempt fate and try to bring Megan Lavey, Mike Schramm, Mike Rose (tentative) and more into a Skype 5 video chat.

What are we going to talk about? The past year, like the biggest Apple stories of 2010, the best products and the worst nightmares. We'll also talk about what we think is coming up in 2011 that will be exciting and new -- will there be a killer product that nobody has thought about? Will the Mac App Store reinvigorate the development world for Mac software?

You can join in as well through the Ustream chat tool. Ask the panelists questions, make comments and discuss our points with other people in the chat room. To join in on this fun and usually educational show, come on back to TUAW just before 5 PM ET (2 PM PT, 10 PM GMT), and you'll find a post containing the live streaming video, the chat room and instructions on how to join in if you're on an iPhone or iPad.

See you later!

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