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TUAW's Daily App: Foodspotting


We've been covering a lot of games lately (since those have been the main focus of the holiday season), so here's a non-gaming app that comes straight from Apple's best of 2010 lists. Foodspotting, free on the App Store now, actually reminds me a lot of Corkbin, except that instead of wines, you're finding and sharing information about food at restaurants near you. You can browse pictures of various foods near your location, and then from one of those, follow the user who took the picture, find out about the restaurant it was taken at, or look for other examples of the same dish from other restaurants. The interface is fast and slick, and especially if you're in a place where there are plenty of restaurants to try (I'm right in the middle of Los Angeles), odds are that you'll find something good to go taste.

Unfortunately, that's the only issue with this one -- just like Corkbin, the app needs to be populated, and if no one else around you has taken any pictures, you can't really use the app for discovery. But even if there's nothing else nearby, you can at least use it as a visual record of places you've eaten out, and maybe you can find a favorite dish to save for later. Foodspotting's best of 2010 spotlight is well deserved -- bring it along the next time you try a new dish at the restaurant around the block.

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