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Vagrant Story, Xenogears, and more rated for PS3 and PSP release


For over a year, we in North America have been taunted by the presence of Yasumi Matsuno's PlayStation masterpiece Vagrant Story on the European and Japanese PlayStation Stores. Now, depending on how optimistic you feel, there's new information that is either encouraging, or just another taunt. It's been rated by the ESRB for release on PS3 and PSP, suggesting that Square Enix plans to release it here ... eventually.

It's joined by ratings for other Square RPGs, including Threads of Fate, Xenogears, and Legend of Mana, along with Working Designs-published Arc the Lad 3 (and Ridge Racer Type 4, which doesn't fit the RPG theme at all, but is still noteworthy). We can't know from the ratings when these games will be published, but we're shocked to have some PSOne Classics on the way from someone other than MonkeyPaw Games.

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