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New Year's App Blowout lowers prices on some iOS apps


The sales are almost all done this holiday season (EA , you may have noticed, has raised its prices back up from that 99 cent price point that was so strong during Christmas), but here's one more to help you pick up a a few more iOS games to play over New Year's. The third annual New Year's app blowout features a deal put together by a bunch of indie developers, and it's offering sales on some really great iPhone and iPad apps. I can heartily recommend Battle for Wesnoth for just 99 cents, and DisplayPad for just $2.99 is a nice deal as well. Other than those, some of the games on the list look worth a try, and there are some that have dropped all the way to free, so jump on in and download those.

Hopefully, after all of the new games out this holiday season and all of the crazy sales on apps from earlier on this year, you've got more than enough to play on your iOS device. But just in case you don't, feel free to take advantage of this last big "blowout" before we head on into whatever magical apps we'll see in 2011.

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