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Breakfast Topic: Memories of WoW in 2010

Anne Stickney

2010 was an eventful year for me, both in-game and out. In World of Warcraft, my guild managed to make it all the way through Wrath content, including a last-minute 25HM Lich King kill. It marked the first time in my six years of playing that I've been in a guild that's "finished" an expansion, hard modes and all. Back out here in real-life, I began working for WoW Insider at the beginning of the year, and between writing lengthy columns about Warcraft lore and getting into the world of podcasting, I can't remember when I've had more fun doing something that's supposed to be "work," or worked with a better group of people.

Despite all of the Warcraft memories of the past year -- the struggles with recruitment, the difficulties of learning various encounters, the triumphant cheers on Vent when we finally beat the boss we'd been working on for weeks, my fondest memory comes from the tail end of the year, and the tail end of Wrath. The night before the Shattering's launch, my guild leader took those of us that wanted to go on a truly epic romp through the Azeroth few people got a chance to see -- the odd areas and map glitches that we will never see again. While I loved the raiding and the achievement hunting, that quiet night spent reminiscing in Vent with my guildies was probably one of the best evenings of all, mostly because it can never be repeated.

Now that it's only hours from being over, what's your fondest memories of 2010? Did you do everything you wanted to do with the year, and with the old world before it went away?

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