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Ohio man jailed for selling copied games


If you bought a bootleg copy of a PC game for the low, low price of $9.95 and you live in the Powell, Ohio area, it's possible you bought it from Qiang "Michael" Bi. First and foremost, please don't buy pirated games. Second of all, you won't have any more opportunities to purchase his illegal wares (or warez), as Bi was sentenced to 30 months in prison "for selling illegally copied computer games between 2005 and 2009" this week.

According to federal agents (via 10tv), Bi purchased legit retail copies of various "computer games," duplicated said games illegally, and then sold copies for $9.95 each through eBay and Amazon.

Bi admitted guilt to three separate counts -- mail fraud, copyright infringement, and aggravated identity theft -- and will pay $367,000 to the court, in addition to forfeiting his home, vehicle, and "electronic equipment." Though no specific publishers are identified, Bi will also have to repay game publishers who lost money due to his actions.

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