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SWTOR developer blog on cinematic design


Have you ever wondered why playing BioWare games like Mass Effect and DragonAge feels as if you're watching a movie? In fact, some would claim that it goes deeper than that.... that you feel as if you're in the movie yourself. This feeling of realistic involvement is orchestrated by the Cinematic Designer. Many video games do not have a designer filling this role, but Star Wars: The Old Republic has Paul Marino and his team.

We all know BioWare's focus for this epic sci-fi MMO has been story, the "fourth pillar." Part of this fourth pillar process is to capture the player's emotional investment in the game. As Marino says in the latest SWTOR Developer Blog, "the Cinematic Design team members are the visual composers of this chapter of the Star Wars universe, developing scenes that players will remember for years to come." The developers are hoping that The Old Republic will not be a game you forget about once you're done playing for the day; instead, they hope it will be the game you keep talking about and cannot wait to jump back into.

To read more about the cinematic design of SWTOR or to get involved in game testing, to visit the official site. May the Force be with you.

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