The MMO Report: Bloopers of 2010

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The MMO Report: Bloopers of 2010
It's another holiday week! Rather than just rehashing the best of 2010 or giving us another chance to check out Uncle Casey's Mailbag up close and personal, Casey and the team behind The MMO Report on G4TV have instead opted to create a reel of some of the strangest, most irreverent, and downright silly bloopers and out-takes from this season. Aside from the normal tripping over words common to anyone who has ever been stuck behind a microphone, there are also crazy bits where the cast and crew relentlessly mess with Casey, as well as giggling fits, bleeped words, and the general things you'd expect to see.

So whether you're enjoying some time relaxing today or nursing a serious New Year's hangover, check behind the break to enjoy some blooper madness in this week's video from The MMO Report. Alternatively, you can also catch it every Thursday on G4TV.

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