Vizio teases entry into the tablet fray with pizazz via Rose Bowl spot (video)

Teasing tablets ahead of the CES deluge is nothing new for manufacturers now, but we'll at least give Vizio a few style points for its expensive approach to the tactic. That's because what looks like a Vizio-branded tablet made a not-so-secret appearance during the Rose Bowl. Specifically, the device appeared about 15 seconds into the chairman's message in the hands of Vizio chief sales officer Randy Waynick. Just in case a mere sighting was too subtle, Waynick was also kind enough to mention Vizio's dedication to "entertainment freedom for all" and the ability to view content on "any of their great new products, from anywhere" -- wink wink, nudge nudge. Details on the gadget are obviously unknown, but we're confident the actual specs (if any) will emerge next week. We're also pretty positive it's not Vizio's 7-inch razor portable TV. If you weren't watching the game, check out a video of the device's brief cameo on national television after the break.

Update: We originally speculated that this tablet was probably running Android based on the buttons. Some eagle-eyed readers have pointed out though that only three buttons are visible at the bottom of the Vizio screen -- which means WP 7 could also be a possibility. It's worth noting too that no traditional Android buttons were visible on the prototype Motorola Honeycomb Tablet. The bottom line is we can't make a ruling on the OS based solely on the buttons.