LincVolt dies in a fire, is being rebuilt (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.03.11

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LincVolt dies in a fire, is being rebuilt (video)
Warm up those phoenix references, because this LincVolt story is a perfect candidate. We've been following Neil Young's crazy retro next-gen conveyance since its inception in 2008, and sadly the news of late has not been good. Just a few weeks after the car (and its proprietor) made an appearance at SEMA it (the car) was left unattended while charging in a warehouse. The pearly white land yacht caught fire and nearly burned the place down, but enough was able to be salvaged for the team to start a rebuild, largely thanks to not one but two donor 1958 and '59 Lincoln Continentals that will be providing the necessary panels and parts to replace those destroyed in the fire. You can see the pre-fire car and some highlights from SEMA in the video below, though you'll have to wait until summer to see it looking that good again.

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