Sega teases Sonic and Puyo Puyo anniversary projects

2011 marks the 20th anniversary for two Sega franchises: the Compile-developed Puyo Puyo puzzle series (which technically wasn't even a Sega-published game until 1992), and something about a blue hedgehog with shoes on. Sega has plans for both series in this milestone year, according to a Japanese press release received by Andriasang.

According to Andriasang, Sega teased multiple "projects" for both series' anniversaries, though the nature of those projects is unannounced. The last Puyo Puyo game was 2009's Puyo Puyo 7 for PSP, Wii, and DS, so that series is ripe for another sequel. As for Sonic, it seems safe to assume we'll see a few Sonic games in 2011 -- not because it's a big anniversary, but because it's a year.