Skunk Juice earbuds and their magnetic connectors might just save your ear drums (video)

Skunk Juice earbuds and their magnetic connectors might just save you from ruptured ear drums (video)

You know when you're rocking out, earbuds nestled in your canals just so, and then the cord catches on something and it feels like your brain is getting sucked out through your ear holes? That very situation could be avoided if only you were wearing Skunk Juice earbuds. They feature a magnetic ZZYZX SnapJack connectors, not unlike those found in Belkin's BreakFree guitar cable, providing a failure point somewhere south of your fragile head internals. Additionally, you can pop your magnetic terminator onto the end of any other pair of Skunk Juice 'buds and listen in on what the other person is grooving out to, a situation charmingly demonstrated in the video below. We're a little doubtful that these will ever be common enough for that particular halcyon vision of the future to come to pass, but right here in the present we're quite sure that's a strong contender for worst product name of the year -- already.

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Humble Fish Inc. Launches 'Skunk Juice' Brand Earbuds, Utilizing ZZYZX SnapJack Magnetic Connection Technology

Launching at Las Vegas CES Show in January 2011, Innovative, Patented Earbuds are First to Utilize Magnetic Connection Technology

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 21, 2010

The ZZYZX SnapJack team has done it, again: In January 2011, at the International CES® ( tradeshow in Las Vegas, newly-formed Humble Fish Inc. will launch yet another innovative and first-to-the-marketplace product, Skunk Juice brand earbuds ( The patented technology utilized in Skunk Juice earbuds, which carries specific current and signal through a magnetic connection, is derived from the award-winning concept created for, and used in, ZZYZX SnapJack ( instrument cables.

Humble Fish's Skunk Juice earbuds' patented magnetic connection technology incorporates magnetic attachments in the earbud cabling. With the introduction of the Skunk Juice product, Humble Fish offers a new way to listen to – and share – music or other digital files, and also eliminates damage to the actual earbuds and listening device, be it a laptop, PC, iPod, or other device. Although the product is heavily catered to the world-wide teenage demographic, specifically ages 9-19, the product will also appeal to musicians and artists in the studio, studio engineers, as well as other consumers of listening devices and wireless phone brands.

The Skunk Juice product's cables utilize a two-part jack design; each half has a magnet that corresponds to the other piece. When a Skunk Juice user wants to plug into – or un-plug from – their music source, the magnets just snap together without that annoying pop.

"The growth of the iPhone and iPod, and the increase in the desire for individuality among teens, has caused enormous demand for quality after-market earbuds. We've collaborated with professional artists, major manufacturers of earbuds and headsets, major sport organizations and government entities, to create a product that is customizable and suitable for teens and other consumer entities, alike," says Humble Fish Chief Operating Officer (COO), Simon Yi.

Humble Fish will launch the initial Skunk Juice earbud line in January 2011, with other product lines to follow, shortly thereafter. The product lines will be broken down into four categories, based on their uses: Teen, Professional, Government, Sports and General Public.

Yi continues, "Teenagers are the driving force of trends and are a window into the future of consumption. The majority of all U.S. teenagers own some form of listening device, and teens are the most significant spenders and influencers when it comes to consumer products."

Skunk Juice also aims to capitalize on another teen-driven phenomenon, which is anything "social". Humble Fish has designed the Skunk Juice products with the social aspect of their use in mind; the earbud products allow users to easily connect with other users' and their earbuds in a mere instant, for sharing of files without having to swap earbuds. The magnetic connections in the Skunk Juice cables ensure a strong hold while still maintaining potent audio quality from earbuds to earbuds.

Humble Fish Inc., launched in June 2010, is led by Vincent Lee, Chief Executive Officer at ZZYZX SnapJack cables and the inventor of the magnetic technology found in Humble Fish and ZZYZX SnapJack products. Lee developed and led ZZYZX SnapJack to win numerous business awards, including a "Best In Show" award in the "Gotta Stock It" category at the Summer NAMM® ( music industry tradeshow in Nashville, Tennessee.

Humble Fish COO, Simon Yi, was also most recently COO of ZZYZX SnapJack cables. Yi has served on the Grammy Committee and also serves as an advisor for entertainment companies. Humble Fish Marketing Director, Diane Nguyen, was most recently Chief Marketing Officer of ZZYZX SnapJack. Nguyen spearheaded the marketing campaign for ZZYZX SnapJack cables and is currently handling all international affairs for Humble Fish. Her experience and contacts across the globe bring an international presence and experience to Humble Fish.

In order to appeal to the teen consumer market and to catch them where they tend to reside – mainly on-line – Humble Fish will fill their product brochures and all marketing communications with humorous cartoons, animations, taglines and copy. The cartoons and associated copy will express the "personality" of both the Skunk Juice product and Humble Fish, as a company, creating a sort of Skunk Juice culture and community. This animated marketing plan will be primarily comprised of a series of YouTube webisodes that introduce and follow the Skunk Juice mascot, which is of course, a skunk.

The Skunk Juice videos will be designed with the intent to drive traffic to the company's web site, and also designed to go viral, so that audiences can share them via all forms of social media. The videos will be accompanied by matching marketing materials such as Skunk Juice cartoon books, catalogs, flyers, postcards and stickers.

The premier Skunk Juice videos can be viewed on-line at: and

For more information about Humble Fish Inc. and the expanding Skunk Juice product lines, to find a distributor or dealer, or to shop directly through their web site, please visit: