The XToaster360 can be yours, for enough bread

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The XToaster360 can be yours, for enough bread
We were tempted to make a joke about avoiding the unnecessary risk of overheating your Xbox 360 when we saw this video for Nick Carouso's "XToaster360" -- a toaster gutted and turned into a custom console -- but that's a little stale. The case mod is currently up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of $150 ... so we're assuming there's no Valhalla inside. (There's also no hard drive -- just the ability to use USB thumb drives.)

While the XToaster is still pretty neat, what with its blue LEDs and novelty factor, there are a couple of other issues with the design: For one, it doesn't actually make toast. Also, Carouso kept the disc drive horizontal, missing the opportunity to insert a game through one of the toaster's bagel-accommodating slots. Maybe he was worried about it ejecting early -- or worse: jamming?

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