Griffin gets an iPhone all up in your car's OBD-II port with the CarTrip Bluetooth adapter

Garmin gets an iPhone all up in your car's ODBII port with the CarTrip Bluetooth adapter

If you're not a car person there's a good chance you don't know much about the OBD-II lurking mysteriously beneath your dash. It's there -- if your car was built since the first Bush administration, anyway. Usually its needs go unfulfilled until your check-engine light pops on and some mechanic with greasy paws clumsily stuffs a code checker in there, but more and more tools are coming out to change that. The Autobot Mavia is one, and now Griffin is doing similar with the CarTrip. It's an OBD-II adapter that connects wirelessly to an iOS device or writes directly to SD card, storing information on information related to car mileage, even giving you a real-time efficiency readout on your display with the CleanDrive app. And, yes, it'll even pull warning codes and the like if things aren't quite running how they should. All that for $89.99, a fair bit less than the Mavia will potentially be and available sooner -- sometime before the first quarter is through.