Sony's CES camera lineup leaked, including Bloggie 3D upgrade?

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|01.04.11

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Sony's CES camera lineup leaked, including Bloggie 3D upgrade?
If Photo Rumors' recent scoop is legit, it looks like what could be Sony's entire CES 2011 camera lineup has leaked. While the site doesn't have access to full specs or photos of actual devices, it does have a list of models with some key features. Highlights include three new Bloggie video cameras: the Bloggie MHS-FS1 which will supposedly be a 5.1 megapixel affair with 4x digital zoom, up to two hours of HD video with a 2.7-inch LCD and 4GB of internal memory. Another Bloggie model, enticingly named the Bloggie 3D MHS-FS3 adds -- you guessed it -- 3D to the mix. The rest of the list comprises eleven different Cybershot models of various shapes and sizes. We'll know soon enough if these cameras are the real deal, and we'll get you a first look at them as fast as our hands can shoot photos. Until then, hit up the source link to peruse the entire, tantalizing text.
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