Toshiba Satellite C655D puts AMD Fusion in a big boy laptop

There's been no shortage of new AMD Fusion laptops here at CES -- we've seen the Lenovo X120e, HP dm1, and MSI Wind U270 already -- but all of 'em have put the new Zacate E-Series chips in 11.6-inch shells. Well, Toshiba's changing it up with its C655D, and is releasing the sub $400 15.6-inch laptop with AMD's E240 APU. Clearly meant for the budget conscious, the 5.5-pound machine will support up to 4GB of RAM and pack 320GB of storage along with a regular DVD drive. Like most of these Fusion laptops, Toshiba's claiming it should last for about six hours on a charge and provide all the multitasking prowess you need for basic everyday tasks. No word on the exact pricing and availability of the system, but there is one more picture after the break.