World of Tanks closed beta registrations hit the one million mark

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World of Tanks closed beta registrations hit the one million mark
It can often be difficult to judge how much anticipation is building for an upcoming title. For MMOs, a fairly good milestone for comparison is the number of registrations entered for the closed beta phase. If its closed beta registrations are anything to go by, there's a great deal of interesting building in's upcoming MMO World of Tanks. The first round of WoT's closed beta ended in August and at peak saw over 4,000 concurrent players. Last month, we discovered that the second round of closed beta testing saw a peak concurrent user total of over 53,000. Much of the dramatic increase can be attributed to release of the Russian closed beta test, as Russian players have taken a massive interest in the title.

One month ago, reported the total number of active players to be 150,000 for the US/European closed beta and 350,000 in the Russian beta. These players came from a total of 700,000 registered beta accounts, half a million of which were from Russia and 200,000 of which originated in the US and Europe. Within the last month, the number of registrations has now skyrocketed past the one million mark, proving that there's significant interest in the game. On reaching this milestone figure, Victor Kislyi, CEO of, took the opportunity to thank players for their interest. "We would like to thank all the WoT fans for their support." he told us. " will continue to work hard on adding new content to the game regularly to guarantee that our community gets maximum fun from playing World of Tanks".

To celebrate the milestone, has released a series of screenshots from its closed beta tests.
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