Live from AT&T's Developer Summit

The AT&T developer summit doesn't have the most alluring name, but last year's event brought us news about Android and Palm devices hitting the carrier, so who knows what to expect this time around. We're here all the same, just in case, so join us vicariously!

10:49AM "If you can imagine it, we can help deliver it." And that's it! Thanks for joining!

10:48AM Stay tuned for breakout sessions. Sorry, we wont' be there. We have to go see this guy about a thing.

10:45AM Jeff Bradley, the Senior VP of devices, is here to "wrap up". He gets a much more subdued entrance.

10:44AM AT*T Connection Kit for device developers. Includes six months of service, design guidelines, access to the AT&T control center, APIs / Sandbox, and it's available with hardware / modules.

10:42AM New categories. "New opportunities." Automotive, health care, gaming, tracking. Gives a nod to BMW's recently-announced connectivity.

10:41AM E-reader growth is exploding. One shining success story. Five million Kindles this year, 11.5 million by 2012 (according to Barclays Capital, not Amazon itself. Sorry, number crunchers.)

10:39AM 4 million new screens this past year. 1,500 non-traditional devices (not phones).

10:38AM Emerging Device group formed in 2008 to connect non-traditional devices to the network. "If it runs current... it should be connected."

10:36AM Another blast of video for Glenn Lurie, President of Emerging Devices

10:35AM Yep, still here. "We're out of time here," says Donovan, thus beginning what's hopefully the final wrap-up.

10:21AM Mullany pulls out a mystery tablet with Android 3.2 Ice Cream! Just kidding.

10:20AM Sorry, by Q&A, we just mean Donovan prompting the speakers to make compelling stump speeches about the business side of things.

10:19AM Makeshift Q&A with Matt Murphy (Kleiner Perkins), Michael Mullany (Sencha, and Sam Ramji (Apigee). At least we now know what the tables are for!

10:16AM A Collaborative Innovation program with "speed-date evaluations" (AT&T's words, not ours) for developers. 15 percent engagement rate out of the 150-plus speed-date evaluations in 2010. 400 more planned for this year.

10:13AM Looks like we'll be moving into the enterprise portion of this meeting. Apologies to those hoping for another Android device to pop up in this liveblog.

10:11AM "Some networks" ignored old networks and jumped straight to LTE. "The drop-off is jarring, and early reports is the transition is troublesome." Saucy, you are.

10:10AM HSPA+ upgrade is fifth wireless tech advance in the past few years. That includes (in order): GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA 7.2, "4G - HSPA+" and "4G-LTE" for the present and future. Expects nearly two-thirds broadband network on expanded backhaul.

10:09AM A number of tables and chairs are being brought out on stage while CTO John Donovan walks out.

10:08AM CMO David Christopher exits stage left.

10:07AM SDK trial in March. General availability in second half. Wanna sign up? -- hey, you're welcome.

10:06AM Developing a standards-based HTML5 SDK. Includes tools and samples needed to build across devices. Integrating AT&T carrier billing.

10:05AM On to HTML5. In second half of 2011, majority of AT&T smartphones (and a number of QMPs) should support HTML5.

10:05AM Christopher: Developers can now combine in-app purchases with carrier billing. More flexibility for premium services. "We'll make them easier for you to build them and bill for them." Yeah, he's a marketing guy.

10:03AM Asynchronous multiplayer (think: time trial "ghost").

10:02AM Open Feint CMO Eros Resmini takes the stage, demoing an iPhone racing title that using the SDK.

10:00AM Now onto gaming. Partnering with OpenFeint. SDK is free and available from developer site for Android devs.

9:59AM "Starting today, we're gonna be accepting submissions" for the alpha program developing u-verse apps. Grants you access and tools.

9:55AM Demo time. Hill is launching U-verse app from iPad for scheduling shows / DVR. New option, ComplemenTV. "So the iPad is basically asked what channel, what show you're on right now." It brings up information and purchase opportunities from Amazon. Now at Home Shopping Network, with the shopping page showing up for the product showing on the screen. Works with recordings, too.

9:53AM Now onto AT&T U-verse. "This morning we have a new technology to show you." Now letting developers create applications "that can easily connect mobile device to set-top box via WiFi." It'll complement DLNA with authentication, rich TV interface, and a "specific context" for application. Here comes VP of Ecosystem and Innovation Peter Hill.

9:51AM Rogers Communication in Canada has also committed to Brew MP.

9:50AM 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen, "Sense experience". Five more QMPs due this year, all on Brew MP platform. "Write Once, Publish Often." No fragmentation.

9:49AM Quick-messaging phone (QMP) devices for those getting their feet wet in the smartphone scenes. A new lineup of devices with a consistent platform, Brew MP. First one will be the HTC Freestyle.

9:48AM Christpher's table of contents: Brew MP, U-Verse TV, Gaming, and HTML5. "The key enablers" for its motto Imagine, Create, Deliver.

9:47AM 12 new Android devices this year.

9:46AM "We offer the best Apple products. We offer the best BlackBery." He means the Torch, and makes a point to mention its positive sales.

9:45AM 4G roadmap. First half between 5 and 7 HSPA+ devices (including the three aforementioned devices / tablet and the previously announced pair of modems). Second half include LTE devices: phones, tablets, modems.

9:43AM First LTE tablet mid-summer, additional in second half. "It's too soon to share specifics on all these." Booooo.

9:43AM First 4G tablet coming from Motorola and will be here in second half (it's HSPA+, though, not LTE). Honeycomb, 10.1-inch NVIDIA Tegra 1GHz dual core processor. More to come at the Motorola event, apparently.

9:40AM De La Vega once again, rounding up the three (of 20, as we're once again reminded) 4G devices we should expect to see this year.

9:39AM HSPA+ CAT14 / 21 Mbps, 1.2 GHz Hummingbird, rear-facing 8MP camera with LED flash and a front-facing 1.3MP camera.

9:38AM Approximately 9mm thin, which as they'd like you to know, is about 2mm thicker than a standard pencil.

9:37AM Samsung President J.K. Shin takes the stage to unveil the Infuse, which yes, we saw hit the wire just before this event started. Just smile and nod for a few minutes.

9:36AM Chou pulls out the phone from his pocket. And in case you're wondering, that 4G is decidedly HSPA+. Chou is gone, De La Vega is back. Samsung up next with "AT&T's thinnest smartphone" with the largest display. 4.5-inch Super AMOLED, HTML5, and Android 2.2. Notice the trend? (Yes, no Gingerbread yet.)

9:33AM The conversation is turning to 4G. "3G is already providing great experience, but in this era, technology can be changed. Many people want more. People want to instantly access music, video, sports event, and social content which they are about." So that means we want speed and, at is were, freedom.

9:33AM "Features once seen as fancy extra are becoming standard." Nice to have are becoming must-have.

9:31AM Find your phone feature can ring the phone, lock the phone remotely, send a text message. They suggest offering a "generous reward" for returning a lost device. Protip!

9:30AM First to use service. Going to "expand HTC experience beyond just phone... makes the smartphone even smarter."

9:29AM "A great new feature called fastboot." It boots fast.

9:28AM New personalized button menu, easier to make widgets.

9:28AM The new Sense rings loudly when it's in your bag, but knows to quiet down when you take it out of your bag.

9:26AM HTC Inspire 4G has the latest version of the "critically acclaimed" Sense.

9:26AM Chou is going through the current lineup. HTC Aria, the HTC Surround (yes, they're still proud of it), and now the HTC Inspire 4G. Surprise!

9:25AM Here comes HTC chief Peter Chou. Still no name on the new HTC device, it's a bit annoying how they're teasing specs (now twice) before giving the names.

9:24AM Ralph is back! He's building up HTC. The first device with next generation Sense. HTML5 support, a 4.3-inch display, Android 2.2

9:23AM And that's it for Jha -- after a teasing the 4PM Motorola press event, of course.

9:22AM Okay, we'll say it. This thing is insane. Can't wait to see how it handles in person.

9:22AM HD Dock gives you an HTPC-esque menu for couch-based perusing.

9:21AM Adobe Flash is included, of course. World's first qHD ("quarter HD," we believe) display.

9:21AM Mobile View seems to be just that, an emulator of the phone would be. B.O.B.'s "Magic" is blasting in the background. We get the feeling this song will be making the rounds quite a bit this year.

9:20AM Commercial time! Mobile View, Dial, Contacts, Entertainment Center is seen in the lower dock.

9:19AM Two USB ports, strong magnesium alloy, weighs just 2.4 pounds.

9:19AM A 13.9mm device, thin laptop that you dock the Atrix into behind the monitor. You now have full browsing capabilities. Mozilla Firefox (full, not web) browsing.

9:17AM Motorola Webtop application, allows for full keyboard and mouse experience. Demo time!

9:17AM Oh yeah, and there's Motoblur, if you haven't noticed from the last picture.

9:16AM 1930mAh battery, 10.9mm design.

9:16AM 1GB RAM! Whoa!

9:16AM "Today we are partnering to create a brand new category for consumers. We think it's a new paradigm for mobile."

9:15AM Motorola Mobility's Sanjay Jha takes the stage, new company name and all.

9:14AM Motorla's "most powerful smartphone ever." AT&T's first dual core processor, HTML5 support, Android 2.2, the Atrix 4G.

9:12AM De La Vega just name-dropped Apple among the list of upcoming "4G" device platforms (again, LTE and HSPA+) -- although he could just be reminding the audience that they'll still have the iPhone.

9:11AM "We offer the most choices and operating systems and have the most smartphone customers of any US carrier... we plan to introduce 20 new 4G devices this year." That includes, apparently, HSPA+ for the first half and LTE for the second.

9:10AM Ralph de la Vega is calling both HSPA+ and LTE 4G networks. That's quite a disparity.

9:09AM Plan is to launch LTE services in middle of this year.

9:08AM "Let's discuss [those] plans." HSPA+ deployment completed to about 100 percent of the mobile broadband network. Accelerated LTE deployment largely complete by end of 2013.

9:07AM "2011 is going to be a defining year for our industry and our country because of 4G. Today we're going to outline AT&T's plans."

9:06AM "The authorities request that we ask you to look at this chart." Cautionary language concerning forward-looking statements. What an introductory buzz kill.

9:05AM Introduction video is a serious of geometric shapes floating about. "Create, Deliver, Imagine." Cue Ralph de La Vega to the stage.

9:05AM And here we go.

9:04AM AT&T may be running a few minutes behind, but Samsung's embargo isn't. It just announced the crazy thin 4.5-inch Samsung Infuse 4G with a super AMOLED screen. You should check it out on, awesome site.

9:02AM We just found some seats. The Large Overhead Voice says we'll be starting in a few minutes, but there's still quite a few empty seats and just as many people trying to shuffle inside.